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We don’t chase the problem.

We get in front of it.



A pair of children's shoes is our key to the prevention of child sex trafficking. Families will walk or bike for miles and miles for a free pair of shoes for a child they love. Many of them have never owned a pair of shoes, so it’s a big gift to them and a small price to us, especially when it can turn into a life saved from slavery. When we distribute shoes, we give our educational presentation on child sex trafficking and ask villagers to pledge to protect the kids of their village. This grassroots method has been incredibly effective in some of the highest-risk areas of the world.


Education is key to prevention, and we are a step ahead of traffickers. We beat traffickers to the villages they target, educating the highest risk families and empowering them with resources and tools to drive traffickers out of their villages and protect their children. We provide child sex trafficking and sexual abuse education in schools and colleges, equipping students with knowledge that aids in prevention.


Victor Hugo said, “He who opens a school door closes a prison.” We believe in the power of education and the freedom that it can bring to children in impoverished areas of the world and to girls rescued from child sex slavery — this is why we build safe house schools, hire teachers, and support students worldwide. 


OneVOICE4freedom founder Nicole Braddock Bromley wrote a book called Hush (MoodyPublishers, 2007) in which she shares her story of child sexual abuse and the keys to finding your voice, hope, healing, and freedom. We have translated and published this book in Cambodia and in East Africa and are distributing these books and sharing this message in brothels, public schools, and villages all across these nations. It is a gift that lasts and is truly changing lives!

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