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We empower at-risk youth

and support survivors.


Freedom Bags

By distributing “freedom bags” (backpacks full of basic needs hygiene products, nonperishables, and resource cards) to victims working on the streets and to those coming off the streets, we help women feel loved and supported as many of them take a huge step in their healing journeys, entering safe houses and recovery homes.


By serving hot meals, handing out freedom bags, and building relationships with homeless youth and runaways, we have been able to build a bridge of trust and hope with some of the most at-risk population for becoming victims of child sex trafficking.  

Pamper Parties

By hosting “pampering parties” for survivors of sex trafficking who are in safe houses and in recovery, we help them to feel seen, valued, and loved.


By providing unique curriculum and educational programming to community organizations, churches, universities, schools, and prisons, we help all audiences learn about human trafficking and we empower everyone to be a solution. By employing survivors as empowered advocates and speakers, we support their journeys and help them use their voice to change the world. 

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