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OneVOICE4freedom Nicole rescue

Our Founder


OneVOICE4freedom founder, Nicole Bromley, is a sexual abuse survivor, author, and international spokesperson on sexual abuse and human trafficking. Her work began as a voice for sexual abuse survivors when she founded OneVOICE in 2003, an organization dedicated to creating awareness about sexual abuse and empowering survivors. She has since written several books and become an international activist. As many of the stories she heard of sexual abuse began to overlap with stories of trafficking, Nicole began to clearly see common threads and links and had an urge to be part of the solution to sex slavery.

In 2010, Nicole began a campaign across East Africa to "Stamp Out Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking" and was the first woman to ever give a public address on the topics of sexual abuse and child sex slavery in the country of Uganda, speaking alongside the First Lady and Supreme Court Justices. In 2011, she joined the board of directors for a US nonprofit that cares for sexually exploited minors. In 2012, she went into the brothels of Southeast Asia with a film crew to tell the stories of child sex slaves. She interviewed girls who were enslaved as well as the mothers in remote villages who had sold their daughters into slavery.

Nicole returned from that mission with a completely broken heart; it was through that brokenness that God began to give her passion to do something about it and a vision of how to go about it. Within a few months, OneVOICE4freedom was born — an organization that stops child sex trafficking before it starts.

OneVOICE4freedom girl
Nicole Bromley
I will never forget those girls in their locked rooms, with nothing but a bowl and blanket on the floor. I hold their stories in my memories and their tears in my heart. And, as a mom, I carry Yem’s grief with me everyday; her story motivates me to do everything I can to prevent this evil.”

— Nicole Bromley

Nicole in Cambodia

Nicole in Cambodia

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OneVOICE4freedom began fundraising to purchase shoes, books, and resources, and to pay for Nicole’s travel into nations known for child sex tourism and slavery. With the support of donors, Nicole’s vision of anti-trafficking education in the villages and schools that traffickers target has turned into a grassroots way of saving kids from ever becoming sex slaves. Nicole and her team travel the impoverished countrysides of the world, educating people of all ages on sex trafficking, with the purpose of stopping slavery before it starts.

​Since 2013, this message has reached hundreds of thousands and has been instrumental in empowering families against the manipulation of traffickers and prevented thousands of children from becoming slaves.

OneVOICE4freedom Nicole

OneVOICE4freedom’s anti-trafficking work has expanded domestically, as well. Nicole and her best friend Mary O’Brien have teamed up to become a strong force for good, bringing hope, healing and resources to local survivors, advocates and those at risk. Through the many programs and services we are providing across the United States, we are consistently amazed by the stories we are hearing from the survivors we have reached.

Together, we are world-changers. We are not defined by world trafficking statistics; we are empowered to change them. Our many voices become one, and we are OneVOICE4freedom.

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