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OneVOICE4freedom's founder, Nicole Bromley, is an international spokesperson on child sexual abuse and trafficking. She is the author of Hush: Moving From Silence to Healing After Childhood Sexual Abuse, Breathe: Finding Freedom to Thrive in Relationships After Childhood Sexual Abuse and SOAR: A Film Series and Study Companion to Hush.

She speaks to universities all over the US, sharing her story and breaking the silence on sexual abuse and trafficking and is a guest expert for the media on such topics.For more info on Nicole's personal story and books, visit

Nicole began to expand her voice into the area of trafficking a few years into her public ministry after learning more about it and hearing story after story of sex trafficking survivors; she came to find a common thread—that beneath every domestic story, child sexual abuse had been occurring in the home. These trafficking survivors were running away from one trauma that Nicole could relate to and unknowingly they were falling into the arms of even further trauma by sly traffickers and those who purchase girls. Nicole felt called by God to be a voice against the injustice of trafficking as well. She stayed committed to her work as the founder and speaker and writer with OneVOICE but began to study, pray and get her hands dirty as a freedom fighter, bringing light into the dark world of sex trafficking, both domestically and internationally.

In 2010 Nicole began a campaign across East Africa to Stamp Out Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking and was the first woman to ever give a public address on the topics of sexual abuse and child sex slavery in the country of Uganda. In 2011 she joined the board of directors for a nonprofit that cares for sexually exploited minors in Ohio. In 2012 she went undercover with a film crew from Life Outreach International to tell the stories of child sex slaves in the brothels of Cambodia. She interviewed the girls and also moms in remote villages who had sold their daughters. Nicole returned from that mission with a completely broken heart; and it was through that brokenness that God began to give her vision.
“I will never forget those girls in their locked rooms, with nothing but a bowl and blanket on the floor. I hold their stories in my memories and their tears in my heart. And as a mom, I carry Yem’s grief with me everyday; her story motivates me to do everything I can to prevent this evil.”

Watch Yem’s story: (Click Here): Nicole began to pray, asking God to show her how she could play a role in stopping child sex slavery before it started -- this is where OneVOICE4freedom was birthed.

Immediately, Nicole began by raising the money to build a school (Click Here) for 80 children in Cambodia who are at high risk of being trafficked. That school is part of the Life Center of Cambodia and officially opened in 2014.
After raising the money for the school and the hiring of 2 new teachers there, Nicole began fundraising to purchase shoes and books and resources and pay for her travel to return to Cambodia. In October 2013 she used every dollar to help save kids from becoming slaves, through anti-trafficking education in villages (Click Here) and schools (Click Here) of rural Cambodia. She and her team traveled the countryside with missionaries from The Life Center, educating people of all ages on sex trafficking with the hope of stopping it before it starts. Her message reached a few thousand and we are confident that the education and hope provided will have saved many families from the trickery of traffickers and handfuls of girls from becoming slaves. With your help, we will continue this mission.

OneVOICE4freedom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization accepting donations to fund this mission to stop child sex trafficking around the world by being a voice of awareness and prevention to those who are at high risk of being trafficked, giving hope and resources to those who have already been exploited, and partnering with other corporations that are caring for victims.

The Story

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